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Open BIM

Does your company use Revit, and is your architect on ArchiCAD? What does it matter! Open BIM is your solution and Link-BIM will support you so that you can work together around the same IFC model. Therefore, your architect can continue to work on ArchiCAD, your civil engineer on REVIT and the CVSE (Heating, Ventilation, Sanitary and Electricity) engineer on Nova.
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IFC, which stands for Industry Foundation Classes, is THE Open BIM sharing format, developed by BuildingSMART. It was designed to ensure compatibility between different construction software (Revit, ArchiCAD, Sketch UP, Tekla…).

IFC has become the standard for BIM data exchange. There are several versions of IFC, IFC2x3 IFC4, IFC5 among others. Link-BIM supports you in the process of transformation and sharing, thanks to the exchange platforms that we have set up, such as Kairnial and BimTrack.

Free viewers are also available, such as BIMVision, allowing anyone to read the digital twin without needing to use proprietary software. The digital model is therefore easily accessible to as many people as possible. Therefore, the coordination between the various stakeholders of your construction project becomes faster and more efficient.

Our BIM coordinator will manage the conflict detection, otherwise known as Clash detection. It allows you to identify problems before they appear during construction on the site. There will be no more forgotten reservations or cable routes interfering with a pipe (Solibri, Navisworks, BIM Track).

Do you prefer to work in CLOSE BIM? No problem, Link-BIM is open to any methodology. We will take care of the conformity of the exchanges between the various stakeholders.


The BCF, BIM Collaboration format, is the standard exchange format for making comments and transmitting them to a desired person in the project. It is composed of an image, an XYZ position and a comment. This exchange standard is today the most used on Open BIM projects, it is used both in the study phase on the models in the execution phase for the monitoring of the work and in operation to assign actions to be carried out to the maintainer.


COBie is a little-known format, even among some BIM specialists. COBie stands for Construction Operation Building information exchange. It is an “Open BIM” exchange file, generally in csv or xls format, allowing at the end of a project to document the BIM objects. This is carried out using software. Our skills allow us to put this process into practice at Link-BIM, with the aim of integrating it into a life cycle of real estate assets.

What is the interest of open BIM in a construction project?

Open BIM is a concept that aims to promote collaboration and interoperability of BIM (building information modelling) data between the various players in a construction project. Open BIM makes it possible to create an open and flexible work environment, which promotes the exchange and reuse of BIM data between the different software used by the members of the project team. Here are some examples of the benefits of open BIM in a construction project:

Improved collaboration

Open BIM allows different members of the working team to import a 3D model from any compatible BIM software. This facilitates communication and coordination between the different players of the project.

Reduction of errors

Open BIM makes it possible to exchange and validate data from a BIM model in a collaborative way, which reduces the risk of design and construction errors. Better quality management thanks to increased collaboration throughout the duration of the project.

Better cost management

Open BIM makes it possible to estimate costs more precisely, taking into account all the project data. This allows for better planning and better management of the resources needed to carry out the project.

Improved building performance

Open BIM helps optimise building performance in terms of construction and operating costs, energy efficiency and sustainability, using BIM model data to simulate and evaluate different options.