BIM management

BIM Operation

Going from design to construction and then to operation, the risk of losing information between each phase is significant. BIM helps you keep track of information throughout the life of the building.

Prerequisites for operational BIM

Before talking about the operation of a building, we must address the subject of prerequisites.

Indeed, it is important to define the necessary data from the execution phase, so that the 3D models are configured to adapt to your asset management. For this, it is necessary to establish specifications which indicate the required parameters.

These specifications will be available to all agents so that they can meet the prerequisites. If it is indeed preferable that these specifications be established from the execution phase, it is possible to carry them out downstream. Establishing them from the execution phase makes it possible to limit the costs.

The advantages of BIM exploitation

The benefits of operating with BIM are numerous. All the elements necessary for asset management are brought together on the model. Therefore, all the people concerned can intervene on this same model in order to collaborate and indicate, for example, the dates of maintenance. On the other hand, the technical sheets are also present in the object, so that the technician easily knows what type of equipment is present. You can more easily visualise the multi-year maintenance plans that your organisation will have to put in place and therefore better manage your finances.

What does Link-BIM offer for operational BIM?

Link-BIM offers to support you throughout your project to help you identify your needs and set up with you the asset management platform that best suits you.

We will train your teams so that you are autonomous and a driving force on your future projects. We will keep your models up to date with future changes so that your platform is always up to date.

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