BIM management
ingénieur CVSE sur son poste de travail

The relationship
between BIM and
the profession of CVSE engineer

A CVSE – Heating, Ventilation, Sanitary and Electricity – engineer plays a crucial role in the construction and renovation of buildings. Responsible for the design, installation and maintenance of systems essential for the comfort and functionality of the building, their role encompasses the management of thermal energy, water, electricity and air quality.

CVSE engineers can save significant time on their projects with Building Information Modelling. We know how complex and time-consuming the technical management of buildings can be. This is why, at Link-BIM, we have developed a specific centre to help you optimise your time and energy.

CVSE Engineer

Central pillar for the proper functioning of the building, CVSE engineers bring together heating, ventilation, sanitary and electricity. There are three areas of intervention:
  • CVC: Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning (HVAC) in order to obtain a comfortable temperature and permanent renewal so that the user can be in the best conditions.
  • SAN: Supply the equipment with hot/cold water and gas with the right pressures, then manage the evacuations.
  • ELEC: Supply electricity and facilitate access to the various electrical equipment.

Our solution for CVSE engineers

It is not always easy for an engineering office to invest in BIM software and train its employees. However, in the coming years, you will be increasingly asked to carry out Close BIM or Open BIM projects.

Link-BIM is therefore positioned as a guide in your organisational change. Therefore, we can deliver various services such as modelling, BIM coordination, coaching and the implementation of a long-term strategy for your company.

By choosing Link-BIM as a partner for your CVSE projects, you benefit from the expertise of a company that is at the forefront of innovation in the field of BIM modelling. With us, you not only save valuable time, but also have the certainty of having high quality, efficient and environmentally friendly CVSE installations.

The advantages of our offer for CVSE engineers

Link-BIM helps you collaborate better as we provide you with several collaborative platforms that allow us to exchange on a 2D or 3D basis. We want to allow you to be mandated on projects where BIM is required and which would be inaccessible to you because we believe that the small structure is full of skills that must be highlighted. We look forward to working with you to make your construction projects a technically advanced and sustainable reality. Contact Link-BIM today to find out more about our services and how we can meet your specific heating, ventilation, sanitary and electrical needs.