BIM management

between BIM and
the general contractor

Are you a general or total contractor looking to implement BIM processes in your construction projects? At Link-BIM, we have, thanks to our origins, an experience of several years with general and total companies.

Ensuring the success of your projects is our daily mission. This is why we offer you solutions and services allowing the implementation of the 23 BIM objectives.

Your BIM objectives

As a general contractor, you are committed to carrying out the work on time, while controlling your costs and your subcontractors.
We support you in implementing 8 BIM objectives that are essential in your business:
  • Modelling for architectural and technical trades
  • Organising and managing spatial coordination
  • Installing a common data environment (CDE) platform for filing documents
  • Planning Lean or Gantt (4D), etc.
If you are a total contractor agent management adds up. You then intervene from the study phase. It’s a chance because you can organise and manage the data of the 3D models as you wish according to the 23 BIM objectives that we offer:
  • 5D-based calculation
  • Compliance checks
  • 3D scan report, etc.
Today, it is difficult to precisely quantify the savings in time, money and personal safety that BIM allows because each project is a unique prototype. Nevertheless, the companies that use our services find that the execution of the work is better controlled because the problems are managed upstream.

Create your BIM team in-house

Link-BIM offers to support you in setting up your BIM team and your BIM processes in line with your methods and work habits. Having a BIM team allows your company to be autonomous on new technologies. You can then go further in the use cases related to the 3D model, but also to the data. For example, the rendering of offers will be faster and the follow-up of architectural modifications generating capital gains or losses will become easier.

The upskilling of your teams

Our teams are project-oriented, it is our expertise. However, we do not carry out training at Link-BIM. Nevertheless, we offer coaching on specific topics in order to develop your teams and your BIM maturity.

If we identify a need for training within your teams, we will direct you to our qualified and specialised training partners. We surround ourselves with the best because, for us, only the result counts.